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Here you'll find more or less detailed notes about the changes made to these pages. This might be of interest for regular visitors...

2010-07-11Laserdiscs: updated: "Greatest Hits" (CED-Discs).
2008-03-31Updated the wants list.
2006-12-17Some technical changes to the internal site structure.
2006-02-04Laserdiscs: added: "The Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert Vol. 2 (VALZ-2114)" (japanese reissue).
2005-06-18DVD-page: added: "Greatest Video Hits 1" (Japan); "Greatest Video Hits 2" (Japan); "Live At Wembley Stadium" (Japan).
2005-05-29Tourposters: added six new posters.
2005-04-04Links: changed a broken link.
2005-04-03Tourposters: added 35 new posters. Page finished ;-)
2005-03-25Changed the look of the pages a little bit. Finally removed the Greatest Hits section. Who knows if I ever find the time to do that one properly. Added an Uncut Picture Shape page.
2004-12-30DVD-page: added: "Greatest Flix 1&2" (Russia).
2004-12-23DVD-page: added: "On Fire Live At The Bowl" (Europe & Japan).
2004-12-19DVD-page: added: "Final Live In Japan" (Japan & China).
2004-12-17DVD-page: added: "Greatest Karaoke Hits" (Japan & Korea); image added: "Greatest Video Hits 2" (Japan).
2004-11-01Laserdisc-page: new Image / new information (Live In Japan & Barcelona)
2004-08-23DVD-page: image added: "Live At Wembley Stadium" (Japan).
2004-08-19DVD-page: added: "We Will Rock You" (2*Asia, Malaysia, Russia). Updated: "We Will Rock You" (2*Asia).
2004-08-17DVD-page: added: "Jewels" (Taiwan).
2004-07-04DVD-page: added: "Jewels" (Japan).
2004-04-24DVD-page: changed three DVD country-entries on part 1 and 2.
2004-03-13DVD-page: added: "Greatest Video Hits 2" (Russia, 2 DVDs); "Live At Wembley Stadium" (Asia, 2 DVDs; Korea; Thailand); "The Best Of Saturday Night Live Vol. 2" (Asia).
2004-03-12DVD-page: added: "The Songs Of Queen (Karaoke)" (Europe).
2004-03-07DVD-page: added: "Live At Wembley Stadium" (Asia, Unknown); updated: "Freddie Video Collection" (Russia); "We Will Rock You" (China).
2004-02-25DVD-page: added: "Live In Budapest" (Russia).
2004-02-23DVD-page: changed the layout a little. Added: "Greatest Video Hits 1" (Asia); "Greatest Video Hits 2" (Russia, 2*China, Japan, France); "We Will Rock You" (China, 2in1 Russia, Malaysia); "Wembley / Final Live" (2 in 1 Russia).
2004-02-22DVD-page: changed the splitting in sub-pages. Added: "Live In Budapest" (unknown); "Christmas Eve At Hammersmith" (unknown); "The Video Collection" (Russia); "Queen Symphony" (China); "Tour 1982" (unknown).
2003-12-20VCD-page: added: "Greatest Hits" (karaoke).
Links-page: added a link to my favourite logic puzzle "Bricks".
2003-12-13Laserdisc-page: added: "Greatest Flix" (USA first issue).
2003-12-07Tourposter-page: added five new posters.
2003-12-06DVD-page: added: "We Will Rock You" (Korean box); "Greatest Video Hits 2"
2003-11-15DVD-page: added: "We Will Rock You" (DTS Russia)
2003-10-26DVD-page: added: "Freddie Tribute" (Korea & Unknown source)
2003-10-25DVD-page: added: "Live At Wembley Stadium" (Japan); "The Game" (Europe); "Freddie Mercury The Video Collection" (Unknown)
Added info on: "Live In Montreal" (Korea)
2003-10-18DVD-page: added: "Live At Wembley Stadium" (Malaysia)
2003-09-06VCD-page: New VCD: "I Want To Break Free" (Germany, promo).
DVD-page: added: "Live At Wembley Stadium" (Asia), "Live In Montreal" (Korea), "We Will Rock You" (2*Asia+french Evian cover version)
2003-07-26DVD-page: added: "We Will Rock You" (two copies); "Live At Wembley" (three copies); "Rare Live"; "Brian May Master Session"; "Rock Concert"; "Rock Revolution".
Laserdisc-page: added "Greatest Flix" (CED); plus another juke box LD.
2003-07-05VCD-page: added: "Live At Wembley" (Korea).
2003-06-28DVD-page: added: "We Will Rock You" (three copies); "Greatest Video Hits" (two copies); "Live At Wembley Stadium"; "Final Live In Japan"
2003-06-15DVD-page: added: "Freddie Mercury Video Collection" (Russia)
Laserdisc-page: added "Champions Of The World" (Singapore)
2003-06-07Started work on the Tourposter page.
2003-06-02DVD-page: updated: "Greatest Flix I & II" (Brazil). Added: "Freddie Mercury Video Collection" (Russia), "Party At The Palace" (Asia)
2003-05-17DVD-page: updated: "We Will Rock You" (Asia). Added: "We Will Rock You" (Asia), "Greatest Video Hits 1" (Asia), "Greatest Flix 3" (Russia), "The Game (DVD-Audio)" (USA), "The Video Collection" (Asia)
2003-05-03DVD-page: updated: "We Will Rock You" (Asia), "Made In Heaven" (Brazil), "Live At Wembley" (Brazil), "Party At The Palace" (Asia). Added: "We Will Rock You" (Asia, two copies), "Party At The Palace" (Asia)
2003-04-18Laserdisc-page: new format "VHD" for "Live In Japan '82","Live In Rio" and "Greatest Flix"; corrected the laserdisc entry for "Live In Japan '82"; updated most movie LDs.
2003-04-05DVD-page: new DVDs and additional information: "We Will Rock You" (Asia), "Made In Heaven" (Europe/Unknown), "Party At The Palace; (Asia).
2003-03-29DVD-page: six new DVDs and additional information: "We Will Rock You" (Asia), "Greatest Hits 1 & 2" (Brazil), "At Wembley" (Brazil), "Made In Heaven" (Uk) and "The Queen Symphony" (Eu).
2003-03-08Laserdisc-page: added a different "Freddie Tribute Vol. 1 & 2" to the rumours section.
2003-03-05Laserdisc-page: added "Freddie Tribute Vol. 1 & 2" (Nice Price reissue).
2003-03-01Laserdisc-page: added "Magic Tour Live" (first edition) & some new Film laserdiscs.
Updated the 'about these pages' section.
2003-02-28DVD-page: added "Greatest Video Hits 1" (Japan); updated "Freddie Tribute" (Japan) & "Freddie Video Collection" (Japan).
2003-02-08VCD-page: added "Greatest Hits III" (Pakistan), "Final Live In Japan" (unknown).
2003-02-01DVD-page: added "Greatest Video Hits 1" (Canada & 2*Asia (?)), "Greatest Flix I & II" (Brazil), "We Will Rock You" (Asia).
2003-01-18DVD-page: Updated information on "We Will Rock You" (Asia), commemorative and 2002 edition.
2003-01-12DVD-page: "Freddie Tribute" (USA and Taiwan), "Greatest Video Hits 1" (Malaysia).
2003-01-07DVD-page: added a new "Freddie Tribute" variation (Canada).
2003-01-02DVD-page: added a new "Greatest Flix I & II" variation.
2003-01-01DVD-page: added a new "Greatest Video Hits 1" variation from Asia.
2002-12-30Completed the VCD pages.
2002-12-29Laserdisc-page: added a new section "Rumours" for unconfirmed LDs.
2002-12-26Laserdisc-page: added a new section for Juke Box LDs.
2002-12-25Laserdisc-page: added a new Highlander LD.
2002-12-08Laserdisc-page: some new Film-LDs.
2002-11-30DVD-page: completed work on the "A Night At The Opera" DVD-audio comparison-page; added information on "We Will Rock You" (Asia).
2002-11-24DVD-page: added information on "A Night At The Opera" DVD-audio; added the first part of the comparison-page for the three versions.
2002-11-17DVD-page: added "DTS Demo 6" DVD.
2002-11-11DVD-page: added a new "We Will Rock You" variation from Asia.
2002-11-10DVD-page: re-designed it, added "Greatest Video Hits I" (Europe); completed information on "Greatest Flix II" (Brazil).
Links-page: new link to Austrian fan club.
2002-10-08DVD-page: Updates on "Party At The Palace" (Asia).
2002-10-05DVD-page: Updates on "We Will Rock You" (Asia), "A Night At The Opera" (USA) and "Party At The Palace" (Asia).
2002-10-05Updated the 'About these pages' section.
2002-10-03Laserdisc page: added new information on "Greatest Flix (TOLW-3270)", "Sexy Shorts" and "Greenpeace Non-Toxic Hits" LDs.
2002-09-30Laserdisc page: "Sexy Shorts" image added.
2002-09-24DVD page: new information on the Rockers DVD
2002-09-22Uploaded new DVD information: Party At The Palace China 2nd release
2002-09-22Started work on the VCD pages.
2002-09-22Added a new section "Films" to the Laserdisc-pages.
2002-09-15Finished editing the english pages to make them HTML 4.01 compliant.
2002-09-11Started editing the english pages to make them HTML 4.01 compliant.
2002-09-11Finished editing the german pages to make them HTML 4.01 compliant.
2002-09-09Started editing the german pages to make them HTML 4.01 compliant.
2002-09-08This page was created.

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